David Dawson (Rehab Resident)

I was attracted to the facility because of the therapy provided by Cornell, which turned out to be great. Among other things, he put me on a program that helped me gain strength in my hand and mobility. I was able to walk and transfer on my own after a few months. Cornell and Christine were great about taking me to therapy and other appointments. I found the food to be nourishing and accommodating. They cared about my comfort and well-being. The current staff, Pat and Jet go out of their way to give good care. Jet would walk me daily as part of my therapy. On a regular basis, Jet would also provide electrical stimulation for my neck, hand and shoulder. After 2 years I gained enough strength to move out and into my own apartment.

Amy Waters (Rehab Resident on Respite Care)

I have received excellent care from your staff during my 3 months stay, and wish to thank you all for your attention to my individual needs while I was here. Pat, Jet, Robert & AJ have been excellent care givers and always glad to help me with whatever I needed. Thank you for caring for me.

Eda Goff (Loving Step-Daughter)

Dottie is so well cared for in your home that I am comforted knowing that I don’t have to worry about her. Whenever I visit I am welcomed by the smells of home cooking. Dottie is always clean and well kept. But most of all she seems to appreciate the people that take care of her. Thank you so much for taking such good care of her for me. I couldn’t do it myself.

Sincerely, Janet L. Alvies (Loving Daughter)

Thank you so much for taking care of my mother for these few months. The staff has been kind and patient with her, which I know is a challenge. She enjoyed the games and playing cards with the other residents. In particular, we will remember you, Pat and Jet. Thank you again.

Sincerely, Seth Tipton (Adoring Grandson)

My grandmother, Maria Neri, spent the final 3 years of her life with the staff of Home Sweet Care Homes and I would not have it any other way. She struggled with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. As her grandson, and her only living relative, the responsibility of finding the best care for her became mine. At first, she very much wanted to stay in her home, and I understood this. Her mind was not completely gone and being home, for her, symbolized a certain independence that I was not eager to take away. We went through an in home care agency. However, after a string bad care givers who stole from and neglected my Nonna, it was clear that this situation was not working out and her health was rapidly declining. My wife and I finally made the difficult decision to move Maria to a care facility closer to where we lived. We did some research and found out about the option of Board and Care, something we had not heard of before. We toured a couple of homes with a third party placement representative, but as soon as we were shown Home Sweet Care Homes, we knew that it was the perfect place. The staff was so warm and the tenants all looked content. We also liked the fact that the home looked like an actual home, with pictures and puzzles and a lovely yard. We signed Maria up, that very night. Then, something we didn’t anticipate happened; Maria’s overall health improved. She seemed happier. She had color in her cheeks again. She even gained some weight. Her mind continued to deteriorate and her moods would swing from time to time, as is part of the disease, but we could tell that she was in good hands and that she was well cared for. The team at Home Sweet Care Homes was very good about updating us on Maria, during times where we were not able to visit, and keeping us informed on any supplies that she needed. She was always clean and well kempt when we saw her, which was something that was very important to her, when she was well. The staff was patient and kind to her. A couple of times we came during dinner and were impressed at how wonderful her meal looked. The atmosphere was always very comfortable and our 7-year-old daughter even enjoyed going over for visits. It was a good situation. Maria lived there for 3 years, happily. However, at one point, her disease brought her to the end of her time with us. We moved her back to the home after her final stay at the hospital, to set up Hospice. As the paramedics wheeled her in, her face lit up upon seeing the staff of Home Sweet Care Homes. This was so very telling to us, that she loved the people who cared for her and that they loved her too. Maria’s last days were positive and the staff did everything possible to make sure she felt celebrated and loved, as she transitioned. We are grateful that we found Home Sweet Care Homes and that Maria was able to have all of the members of the team there in her life.