Our Services

Board & Care and In-Home Care Services

We pride ourselves in providing quality care at an affordable rate. Our mission is to provide you with custom care solutions that fit you or your loved ones needs. Whether you are looking for a 6 or more hours of care at home or need the benefits of a small community that a board and care offers, Home Sweet Care Homes can customize your care to fit your budget. Call: 510-507-2679 for more information.

Individualized attention from a dedicated staff

Transitioning a loved one - or yourself - to a residential care facility can be confusing and challenging. Home Sweet Care Home offers individualized attention for six residents from a staff of caring professionals. We welcome residents who need some form of assisted living as well as those experiencing mild forms of dementia and other similar ailments. Our home is staffed with 3 caregivers in the day and 1 awake staff at night. And if its home you yearn to be, we will build a team of caregivers to help keep you living independently and safely at home for as long as possible with the assistance of qualified, accountable caregivers.

Compassion, stability and wellbeing

We believe in providing as stable, calm and supportive an environment as possible to enhance the health and wellbeing of our residents and in-home clients. Shift changes are kept to a minimum to reduce stress and anxiety. Minimal turnover allows us to accurately manage medication, maintain rhythm and consistency in residents' schedules, and reinforce the sense of family.

A warm, family atmosphere – with plenty of fun

Home Sweet Care Home understands the importance of connection, friendship, community - and fun - in boosting health and happiness. We promote a family atmosphere, personal interaction and stimulating group activities with residents, in-home care clients and their families. We give holiday dinner parties and barbecues in our backyard during warm weather - with an open invitation to all our clients. If willing and able our residents and in-home care clients have opportunities to join in and become involved in community building events that Home Sweet Care Homes takes part in.

Encouraging independence and inspiring individuality

Our staff supports the independence of each resident and in-home care client, helping them to express their creativity and individuality through arts and crafts projects and other activities.

Care Home – A beautiful, safe and calm environment

We've designed the interior and furnishings of our lovely, sunlit home to provide a relaxing and serene environment. Our residents enjoy the soft, calming colors, comfortable furniture and welcoming atmosphere in the shared living areas and their own rooms. We furnish individual rooms with everything residents need to relax in private, or they're welcome to bring in their own furniture to make themselves feel more at home. Home Sweet Care Homes is proud to provide a safe, immaculately clean setting with all the amenities of home.

In-Home Custom Care

Whether you need 6 hours of care a day or a care provider for 24 hours 7 days a week, we can help. Our staff will provide services to you or your loved one so that you can remain safely in your own home.

Fundraising For Seniors – Working with the Alzheimer’s Association

We are passionate about our seniors and their families and understand that it’s difficult for all members of the family.  Home Sweet Care Homes has pledged to support and fight to end Alzheimer’s. As the owners, we support the walk by working with the walk committee to help make the event in Walnut Creek successful. We walk because no matter what type of dementia you have, it’s difficult for the individual and all members of the family and we know the Alzheimer’s Association is there to help! Join or Donate to our team – Home Sweet Care Homes! http://act.alz.org/site/TR/Walk2016/CA-NorthernCaliforniaandNorthernNevada?pg=pfind&fr_id=8860