Advanced Health Care Directives

Kaiser defines An Advanced Health Care Directives or AHCD as a legal document that allows you to tell others how you want to receive your health care when you are too sick to Talk about the type of care you might or might not want. The form allows you to identify the person(s) you choose who will work with your doctors and others to help make sure your wishes about your healthcare decisions are honored. This person is called the health care agent. It is important to choose one person to help ensure that your wishes are honored and to make any additional health care decisions on your behalf. It is best to choose a close relative or personal friend who you trust, who understands your values, and who will agree to honor your wishes. You can also name another person(s) to act in your behalf in the event the first person is no longer available or able to make a decision for you. You can even indicate if you do not want a specific person involved in making decisions for you. Becoming someones agent does not mean that he/she assumes financial responsibility for you. Your agent may make all health care decisions for you, unless you limit their authority. You do not need a lawyer to complete an AHCD. If you have family or someone that loves you, you need an Advanced Health Care Directive!

Home Sweet Care Homes Modeling at the Senior Resource Expo in Concord

The fashion show at the Crown Plaza in Concord was a hit. The ladies wore clothing from “A Dress Change” in Danville provided by the owner Donna. They loved the clothing so much that a few of the ladies from the show purchased the outfits they modeled. Our models, employees and other residence enjoyed the day watching the fashion show, strolling and chatting with vendors who purchased booths, looking at crafts and watching the documentary “Age of Champions”. We didn’t get a chance to bring in anything to appraise but next year we will. The event was so memorable. I can’t wait for Home Sweet Care Homes to be a part of it again.